Enjoy this IFFGD NES 2023 Education Series in collaboration with Cedars Sinai Medical Center ( GI Motility Dept and Mast Program).

There are 2 full tapes- part 1 and part 2.

The Q&A is at the end of part 2.


Thank you IFFGD, Cedars Sinai GI Motility Dept doctors, staff, Mast Program and all of the patients that attended in person.


Q & A Questions from IFFGD event Oct 7,2023

Mark Pimentel MD & Ali Rezaie MD

The Gut Microbiome: Its Overall Health and Related Illnesses

1. If someone has IBS and has not tested for SIBO would that patient benefit from a round of Rifaxmin?

2.   How long do you have to wait to retest?

3.   IBS Smart Test – Is it helpful for measuring IMO?

4.   Complaints about instant gas the minute patients eat?

5.   H.pylori – Why not use a blood test for testing?

6.   IBS Smart test- Should you retest with this test after the first time to check your antibodies after Rifaximin? Does Rifaximin affect the antibodies?

7.     If you had a positive IBS Smart test and a positive test for SIBO and then a negative test for SIBO but still have symptoms why is this?

8.     Diet- Any thoughts on adding probiotics or fiber to keep the microbiome diverse?

9.   Dr. Pimentel asked Dr. Mathur to talk about methane and weight gain.

10.   Is there any correlation between Rifaxmin taken chronically (daily dose) and weight gain?

11.   What about some of those smaller subgroups of people that have methane/constipation and high antibodies? Those groups always feel a bit left out.

12. Is there a new Elemental Diet coming?