There is always juicy conversations to be had with Dr. @markpimentelmd on the subject of current SIBO and IBS research and treatment. Today’s podcast episode is no exception.
This conversation is worth your ears and time I promise you.
We specifically address
💥Exciting new developments with SIBO research
💥What the research says on PPI’s increasing the risk of SIBO
💥Current treatment for hydrogen sulphide treatment
💥Why methane overgrowth (IMO) is so stubborn to treat
💥Sibo diet post active treatment – how long to keep people on it
💥The impact of ageing on the small intestine and the link between
💥Scleroderma and antivinculin antibodies
💥The preferred substrate for SIBO breath testing
💥The Microbiome Connection book
💥And so much more
@lynda_griparic_naturopath -love & guts podcast.
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