Dr. Elena Ivanina (gut_love) Grand Rounds with Dr. Mark Pimentel on SIBO, SIFO & more!


Email info@gutlove.com to schedule a consultation with board-certified integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Elena Ivanina to figure out your root cause diagnosis, heal naturally and with integrative protocols, and optimize your gut health + microbiome!

Dr. Ivanina is a microbiome specialist who focuses on unraveling the IBS diagnosis by using cutting-edge testing such as trio smart SIBO breath tests, GI MAP microbiome stool tests including leaky gut testing and checking for bacterial or fungal (candida) overgrowth during endoscopy (SIBO/SIFO aspiration).

She focuses on food as medicine and natural healing protocols and only medication when absolutely needed.

Dr. Ivanina performs colonoscopy with integrative preps and microbiome restoration afterward to preserve and even strengthen your gut health- while discovering root causes & preventing colon cancer.

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Thank you, Dr. Elena Ivanina and Mark Pimentel MD



1. Do we get SIBO from antibiotics?
2. How prevalent is SIFO? (small intestinal fungal overgrowth)
3. Which do you treat first SIFO or SIBO?
4. When will the new device for aspirations for medical centers be available?
5. What is the Alimetry test at Cedars?
6. What are your thoughts on Mold and SIBO?
7. Does a torturous colon put you at higher risk for SIBO?
8. Is there any methane treatment news?
9. How do we find adhesions?
10. What about stomach acid and SIBO?
11. Will food choices bring on SIBO?
12. How do we test for stomach acid?
13. The 3 gases. What will the future look like? A treatment and diet for each???
14. Methane high baseline breath test interpretation?